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地价连续四个月下跌 下半年或将加速降温

广州:子女不能视父母出资买房为天经地义 说明

易观发布Q3移动房产服务报告 链家APP覆盖能力胜出

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1.京津冀一体化吹暖风 楼市仍需“小火慢炖”
3.房价上调近10% 燕郊楼市能否坐稳万元关口
5.抗菌建材市场巨大 标准亟待完善
6.Ashley计划以30亿美元出售 欲在亚洲开设千家门店


1. It seems safe to predict lots more noise and very little progress for the rest of 2017. And that will continue to be a damaging combination for business and the UK economy.
2. Domestic action movie "Wolf Warrior II" was top on the list and became the country's highest-grossing film ever, raking in 5.68 billion yuan in ticket sales.
3. The inclusion of three turbodiesel engines this year could be considered controversial, especially as diesels remain far less popular in the U.S. than in Europe, where they tend to dominate the discussion. This is the first year in which more than two diesel-powered mills made the top 10 list and ironically two of them come from domestic automakers, including the only current full-size domestic half-ton pickup to offer one, the Ram 1500.
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5. 哈佛大学发言人瑞秋?戴恩拒绝对该新闻发表评论。她在邮件中写道:“我们对于个别申请人的录取情况不予置评”。
6. She defined the term as “the desire to dress like a character from ‘Mad Men,’ ” though I would revise that and call it the mass fashion conviction that all consumers want to dress like characters from “Mad Men.” The show’s visual impact was so intense, it went viral and seemed to recode designers’ creative DNA.


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1、低碳经济成新竞争力 门窗企业需重视环保
4、房地产行业萎缩 致家居建材业走下坡路
5、京城最大自住房项目 完成交付
6、大众消费高要求 创意家居受青睐....